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Test post 2

It’s a hot real estate market out theremore text i added a read more embed… not really sure what it does. Still learning how to use this new blogging tool

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Hike Day!

After months of training (inconsistent training, but we did get in about 8 training hikes) it was finally hike day!  Sandy drove us out to White’s Ferry for the start of the hike and we ran into John, one of my friends from work who had started doing the 50k hike a few years ago. […]

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Toughening up our feet

Tim and I are doing the C&O Canal One Day Hike again this year.  We just finished our final training hike, a 20-miler on the WO&D trail through Vienna.  All together we’ve done 6 training hikes (Tim snuck in a few extra), which is far fewer than we anticipated doing, but we were sidelined by […]

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Not to be confused with Fort Lauderdale, best know for hosting thousands of inebriated college students for the annual rite of Spring Break, this overly hyphenated town lays claim as the Beach Diving Capital of South Florida.  Tim’s father Jonathan had recently moved down to escape the cold winters of Virginia and had been describing the diving […]

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Huahine diving

Maitai Lapita dress code – “A minimum dress code is required at the restaurant and we ask you not to appear shirtless.” Monday 5/26. We had arranged the day before to go out with Pacific Blue Adventure diving.  They were a small dive shop in downtown Fare (having said that, I’m not sure Fare is […]

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Snorkeling paradise

The ocean just off of our resort is protected by a long reef several hundred yards out which absorbs much of the wave action coming in from the open ocean.  I had snorkeled on our arrival day but it was now Sunday and Sandy was taking her first opportunity to come explore with me.  The […]

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“Doesn’t their throat hurt after a while… with all that crowing?”, Sandy asked.  It’s 5:30am Sunday morning (5/25/14) and Sandy and I are sitting out on the porch of our bungalow listening to the multitudes of roosters crowing off in the distance.  We’ve been here almost a day now and it did seem like the […]

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The Journey Begins

After months of waiting and a week of on again-off again packing we left our house at 3pm to fight the Memorial Day traffic and make our way to Dulles airport.  Fortunately we had a good taxi driver who took us through the back roads eliciting several “I didn’t know you could go this way”s […]

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French Polynesia

Our next trip is to French Polynesia.  We’re spending 3 nights in Huahine, 2 nights in Moorea, 2 nights Raiatea, followed by a week sailing from Raiatea in which we’ll visit Bora Bora and Taha’a.  We’ll wrap it up with a night in Tahiti before heading back home. I will try to keep up with […]

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Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet. –Douglas Adams Does technology really make our life better?  Of course without technology I wouldn’t be able to do this blog.  Even just 20 years ago this would have been next to impossible (okay… maybe a more primitive set of tools were available, but […]

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