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NC diving

this is just my test post… I’m using Windows Live Writer to work on blog posts even when I’m not online. I’m starting with NC… the picture to the left is from our dive on the Aeolus.  It’s not my picture because I didn’t take my camera down on this dive.  Instead it’s a picture […]

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Diving Again

After a less than successful trip down to the keys last fall (bad weather cancelled most of the dives), I’m down here again to use up the last bit of my credit with Conch Republic Divers and get a little bottom time in.  On the first day, I get teamed up with Glen who is lucky […]

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Arenal Volcano

It’s sunday morning and we’re enjoying the view from our room.  The volcano is shrouded in clouds but I took a cool little panoramic photo showing the color transition from sunrise to darker sky (currently displayed as the blog header at the top of the page.) When we were in San Jose we were amazed at […]

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Going to Costa Rica

Apparently, Sandy doesn’t like how I’m able to wake up early and be in a good mood.  I know this because she told me.  The alarms went off at 4:45am, first Sandy’s and then mine.  We had a long travel day ahead of us and the pep that I started the day with would be […]

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More Maroma

Wednesday night we went out on the beach to watch the fire show.  We’ve seen it before – apparently most of the nightly shows rotate between the different El Dorado resorts.  So if you stay here more than once you’ll probably see repeats of the shows.  We enjoyed it nonetheless.     Then on Thursday […]

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We are enjoying our winter break down in Mexico at El Dorado Maroma.  The weather has been a little cooler than normal… cool enough that I’m wearing jeans in the morning.  And there’s been a little rain.  But I checked the weather back home and it said 27 degrees (that would be farenheit!) so we’re […]

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Avast ye maties

Our final stop for the day was Great Harbor where we planned to go to Foxy’s after dinner to listen to music and dancing. On the way Brandon talked about some of his other trips and how they would have to vary their itinerary when they have kids on board (normally Tradewinds doesn’t allow children on […]

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View BVI Tradewinds 2012 in a larger map After our success at Great Dog, we continued our journey across the sea to Beef Island.  Brandon and Monica knew of a fun little resturaunt in Trellis Bay. We moored near the resturaunt and enjoyed our evening cocktail hour on the boat.  Then we cleaned up, I […]

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The Mission at Great Dog

After we left Virgin Gorda we motored across to Great Dog.  The seas were a little rough but after a little searching we found a nice spot on the far side of the island.  Sandy, Jamie, Sam, and Donna were going to go snorkeling.  They loaded up in the dinghy and Monica took them across to a […]

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Brandon taught us a new word on our trip.  Chilaxing. Of course it was more than just a word.  It’s a state of mind.  And there is no better way to chilax than kicking back on the open seas and watching the clouds go by.  No bills.  No traffic.  The only noise is the sound of […]

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