Getting closer…

I’m almost done for the fall.  I’ve added rocks to the plant shelf (in back), done a little more shaping of the stream towards the bottom, and been adding stones around the perimeter of the pond.  I’m still going to have some exposed liner when I’m done with the stones but I’m leaving that in place to prevent erosion until I can begin planting in the spring.

Our fish have adapted well to their new home.  We have two shubunkins, two comets, and three small koi.

It’s getting cold out there

The temperature is dropping and it’s getting harder to work around water.  I actually used my snorkeling boots the other day because I had to step in the water and it was cold cold cold!!

I laid stones down in the stream.  Because of the slope of the stream, I’m unsure if the stones will stay in place.  I also started laying stones around the border of the pond but I’m afraid the stones I got are a little small.  I may need to go back and get some larger ones.  Ack!  not more $$$$!


Oops… I thought that since I’ve just filled the pond recently, the chemicals in the water would keep it free of those nasty mosquitos.  But when I was taking a look at the pond earlier, I saw all of their wiggly little bodies swimming about in the water.  I was going to hold off til spring to buy fish for the pond…. but I realize I need some preditors that are on my side so I ran out to Merrifield Garden Center and got two shubunkins and two comets to hunt down the little bloodsuckers.

I also recently got a Beta from my dad… we didn’t have any food for him but I did a little research and found they love mosquito larva.  One cup of pool water had a couple dozen of the scrumptious treats.  Sandy and I enjoyed watching the beta swim around his bowl chasing down those little critters.


I actually started building the wall for the waterfall a couple of weeks ago.  But I didn’t like the way it looked so I tore it all down, pulled up the liner and reshaped the earth below the waterfall and stream to open things up a little more.  I then rebuilt the waterfall and think it looks pretty darn good!

St John

We took a little break to go to St John where we stayed at a wonderful little villa called A House of Open Arms.

Here are some more pics from our trip