Final table

Does sandy’s pile look bigger then the others? Good luck to her!

In the end, managed to beat out more than 80 other players to get second place.  


We went out to play poker tonight In Clarendon. I didn’t last too long but sandy’s been a shark, taking out 6 players and building up quite a stack of chips.

Long Branch Nature Center

We’ve spent the last month visiting with our cousins from Norway (and many many other family members).  But sadly they’ve had to return to their own lives and have left us with a quiet house.  Too quiet… it’s a little eerie after weeks of kids playing about.  So Sandy and I decided to get out of the house and enjoy a nice hike through the woods.

We ended up at Long Branch Nature Center.  Surrounded by gardens and a nice frog pond, it had displays with snakes and turtles and tadpoles that were slowly turning into frogs.
But probably the most impressive thing we saw was the solar powered birdhouse.  You’ve got to appreciate the thoughtfulness of those birds who have eschewed the coal powered electrical grid and are using the power of the sun to… to… Hey, what are they doing with that electricity anyway?
Oh god no!  The power is for their cameras…. they’re filming one of those reality TV shows!

* okay… I cheated… the video is not from Long Branch Nature Center… but I’m pretty sure they have some videos just like this!