Worst movie ever!!!

Okay… so i learned how to “greenscreen” in premiere pro and I wanted to try it out… sandy patiently agreed to play along and i wrote a script (a bad one) and the end result is this… i apologize in advance

not sure what happened to the sound…. my glorious dialog may be lost forever!


A fierce storm blew through the area yesterday afternoon dumped a ton of water and stole our electricity. No big deal… Sandy and I already had plans to go out and see Avenue Q (which was absolutely fantastic). With a little luck the power would be back by the time we got home.

Sadly, we did not have a little luck and we ended up doing dishes by candlelight (actually, sandy did the dishes while I took pictures of her).

The next day I surveyed the damage… there were utility trucks everywhere and problem at least 50 workers trying to fix the damage.  In addition the a larger outage the impacted much of our neighborhood, we had an additional problem on our street.  A tree had fallen over on the powerlines and snapped the top off of three of the utility poles.  Workers had to install new poles in their place.
No power = No A/C!  Fortunately the storm also brought in some cooler air so we opened the house up.  We decided it would be a good opportunity to do a little semi-camping.  We brought the air mattress out onto our porch with plans to sleep there.  It wasn’t quite comfortable enough for Sandy and she abandoned the porch for a real bed in the middle of the night, but I slept great until the sun woke me the next day.