According to Wikipedia (which said according to CBS news (which said according to AirPhotosLive.com)), 215,000 people came to see the Rally.


Good thing they abandoned the headcount concept… Sandy and I came late so we’d probably be numbers like 198,215 and 198,216.

Rally to Restore Sanity

After weeks of waiting, Sandy and I set out this morning to see Jon Stewart (and Stephen Colbert) Rally on the National Mall.

For those of you who have been in a news black hole, the Rally to Restore Sanity was announced a month and a half ago by Jon on his show.  Jon’s nemesis, Stephen Colbert, immediately announced a counter-rally, the March to Keep Fear Alive.  Stephen’s team apparently was unable to get the necessary permits and persuaded Jon to hold a shared rally, The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!

We weren’t completely sure how many people would turn out, we naively thought that leaving just 45 minutes before the rally was set to begin was sufficient.  Turns out, we weren’t the only ones without something better to do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Yes it was a bit crowded, some of the more enthusiastic (and limber) spectators found spots to sit on top of trucks and wedged up in trees.

Those less afraid of smells climbed on top of porta-potties where they sat, or laid back, or helped their friends up to join them.

I’m just glad I didn’t have to be inside with all of those people on top.  Especially as we got further into the rally and some of them looked like they were getting ready to collapse.   Ewwww.

When Jon finally came out on stage he himself estimated the crowdsize at around 10 million people!  And he noted that it was a “perfect demographic sampling of the American people”.  Well, that large & perfect demographic made it impossible to get close to the stage.  We had to settle for a spot far back and to the side where we could see one of the large signs beside the stage and portions of the jumbo-tron.

Jon’s “10 million” was of course just an estimate.  He had a novel idea for how to get a more accurate number of how many people were attending.

They would pass the microphone to every person in the audience.  We in turn would count off.

Stephen joined Jon, after he was convinced to leave his “fear bunker” which was protected by solid bedrock several hundred feet below the stage.

Despite our poor viewing positions we enjoyed the show and listening to Jon and Stephen’s characters  try to outwit the other.  At one point Jon had Yusef Islam (formally Cat Stevens) sing his famous song “Peace Train” to only be interrupted by Stephen who brought his own musical guest, Ozzy Ozbourne, to sing “Crazy Train”

Being just a few days away from halloween, many people were out in costume.  My favourite was this jellyfish girl (it looked much more impressive in real life).

And as we were leaving, we saw Death heading towards the mall.  I’m guessing he was on Stephen’s invite list.

And of course there were signs… lots and lots of crazy, political, funny, and outrageous signs.

This last one is a novel concept for getting a date.  And yes, it is a real website.  I went to check it out and clicked on “Ray’s blog”.  I immediately saw a blog that looked frighteningly similar to mine including the picture up to and the overall layout.  Guess we’re both WordPress users.

I’ve really got to change my picture!

Testing out the healthcare system

My dad performs periodic tests of the healthcare system. He usually does this by getting a little sick, forgetting to take his meds, and then spiraling downward until I can convince him to call an ambulance.

His hospital stays range from a few hours to a couple of days. On a recent visit he tested out their security by making a break for it and taking a taxi home without, and here’s the critical and most dangerous part, without signing the necessary paperwork.

It reminds me of this funny computer game called Bureaucracy that Douglas Adams created years ago. The object of the game was to navigate the corporate and government bureaucracies to accomplish some task which I have long forgotten. The only problem with the game was that in the game, just as in real life, i wasn’t able to figure out the necessary paperwork.

Well this more recent stay was a little longer than normal. And afterwards it was determined that he would need to go to rehab. So we signed him up for Carriage Hill Nursing Home x Rehab Center which leads me to the real purpose I even started this entry…

Dad’s frequently uncomfortable in these types of places, mostly because their chairs are pretty lame. This lead me to go the extra effort and move his comfy chair in with him.

When the other residents of Carriage Hill saw me coming they said “that’s the most comfortable looking wheelchair I’ve ever seen!”

Now dad can rest in true comfort between his therapy sessions!

Moving along

I’ve just migrated my blog from quick blogcast to wordpress. One advantage with wordpress is it’s easier to write entries from my iPhone which hopefully will lead to more regular postings.