Roll a D6

Tim clued me in on this totally awesome video….

Apparently the guy got the idea for the video while playing D&D… then stayed up all night writing the lyrics

Shenandoah River Trip

Sandy & I went on a canoeing and camping (well… cabins) trip on the Shenandoah River with some friends.

No one warned us to bring water cannons!

Halfway through we stopped for burgers cooked on an large old sawblade

No one told Sandy it was time to get out of the canoe

Storm clouds began to gather and the leasurely trip because a race against the changing weather.

Finally disaster struck when our canoe flipped as we headed down the rapids.  Everything went into the river (including my camera which didn’t survive the trip but fortunately the pictures were salvageble).  We weren’t the only ones to go swimming.  At the bottom of the rapids, a small beach served as a recovery spot for everyone who ended up in the river.  A spot where they could empty the water from their canoes and take inventory of whatever belongings weren’t claimed by the river.

We didn’t make the beach though.  Sandy went after one of the cheap blue plastic seat backs and got washed down river.  I found someone to pull the canoe to shore and had to swim after and retrieve her.  Fortunately a kayaker saw our dilemma and helped to pull Sandy back upstream to the beach where we met up with the rest of our group.

Second Story

I live in a neighborhood of homes built back in the 40’s.  Over the years homeowners have update, remodeled, and expanded their homes, frequently adding one (or in my case two additions).  My neighbor down the street, had a one level addition on the back of his house and wanted to add a second floor.  Rather than build it in place, he found a builder that would build the addition in a factory, deliver it, and install it.  The installation is the interesting piece…

The addition arrived on a long trailer, two separate halves that would be joined together to create a master bedroom suite.  I was surprised to see that not only were the trim and windows in place, but the bathroom already had the tub installed, cabinets, mirror, and lights.  Electrical outlets were in place, the wires hanging down from below the addition to be connected to the existing wiring in the house once the addition was in place.

The street was temporarily closed down for the manuever they were about to try.  They had brought a large crane which towered over the trees to lift the new bedroom up and over the house and drop it in place on top of the existing one level addition behind the house.

The crane operator had to lift each half of the new bedroom and carefully move it above and through the trees before lowering it onto the recently reinforced first floor of the older addition behind the house.  The new addition slowly rotated around in the air as the crane moved it.  Workers waiting on top of the first floor, used ropes attached to the new module to spin it back around and carefully guide it into place at the rear of the house.