Last weekend, down in Fredricksburg, my dad found a praying mantis egg case which he brought home.  The week went by uneventfully until this morning when I received a call that the egg case had gone all fuzzy.  The fuzzines was the motion of scores of baby praying mantis’ who, thanks to the warmth of my father’s apartment, had awoken early and were scurring out of the egg case and across the shelf, down the wall, along the carpet, and anywhere else they could get too.

I collected as many as I could and brought them home to release – but it is still early March and we were unsure if it would be too cold outside for the little critters.

So we’ve set up a temporary home for them in a large glass vase covered with a screen.  I then went out hunting for food – first to Petsmart where the smallest thing they had were small crickets.  I brought a dozen home but they weren’t small enough so I went to Petco instead and got wingless fruit flies.  The fruit flies are small enough – too much so and every now and then one gets out through the screen.  But at least they can’t fly!

Some more pictures here