Avast ye maties

BVI_20121114_551_Foxys_webOur final stop for the day was Great Harbor where we planned to go to Foxy’s after dinner to listen to music and dancing. On the way Brandon talked about some of his other trips and how they would have to vary their itinerary when they have kids on board (normally Tradewinds doesn’t allow children on the boat, but if a group rents the entire boat then they are welcome to bring them along).  They would have water balloon fights with the other boats or go on treasure hunts or maybe even do a little pirating!

We hopped in the dingy to head to shore. Coral Dreams was nearby eating dinner and we went and buzzed around them in our dinghy, doing a loop and rocking their boat. Apparently this is how the war started!


Karaoke night at Foxy’s

It was karaoke night at Foxy’s and we sang a little although mostly they just played songs that we danced to.  After a while we were joined by the Coral Dreams group.

But it did take them a little while to get there… why did it take them so long???



Pirates at work

Apparently while we were innocently enjoying pop hits, our sister ship was up to more mischievous deeds.  Our boat was left unguarded and Coral Dreams took advantage of our lax security and boarded.  They pirated away all of our wine and beer, stuffing it in sacks which the loaded onto their dinghy before slipping away into the darkness.


No! Don’t take our wine!!

They then motored on over to Foxy’s to dance with us, not letting on to their roguishness.

It wasn’t until Brandon left early to go back to our boat that he discovered what had happened.  But he reraided their boat, retrieving our stolen goods and upping the anti by stealing their deck cushions and a bottle of amaretto, which apparently was the rogue captains favourite drink.

Later that night, the rest of us learned of what had happened.  Brandon stayed up late to fend off any further attacks.  It’s a good thing he did because they attempted another pirating but were thwarted by our brave captain.  In the spirit of friendship, Brandon did give them back their amaretto.


The much loved Turkey Hat

But this was not the end of it.  We knew we had to get them back… so we devised our own plan of piracy.  The target was their boat mascot, the beloved turkey hat.

I got up the following morning a little before 6am.  Brandon was just finishing up the coffee and we knew it was time for our adventure.  Coral Dreams had been up late the night before and was certainly still sleeping.

We discussed out plan in hushed whispers on the back of our boat and then quickly boarded the dingy. The oars were velcroed to the bottom of the dingy, we unstrapped them and careful placed them in the water – I was very aware of every little splash that happened as we paddled. We reached the back of Coral Dreams and Brandon held on while I stepped off onto their boat – it was all in complete silence, we did not talk or make any unnecessary noise since we left our boat. I stepped into their dining area, the doors to the boat were wide open so I entered easily. I looked to the the right where Brandon said the turkey had should be hanging on a peg — nothing!! I scanned around the lounge and spied the hat on the other side. I grabbed it and slinked back out, stepping back into the dingy to a silently cheering Brandon. We quickly rowed away and were back at our boat in just a few minutes. The entire experience was very exciting.

We discussed our success with the rest of our boat as we enjoyed coffee around the breakfast table.  Coral Dreams didn’t even realize their beloved mascot was missing, but regardless, they were not done with us and quietly crossed the harbor, bravely boarding the front of our boat while we ate.  We didn’t even know they’d hit us until they were back in the dinghy, cheering their victory as they escaped with three of our lounging mats.


Coral Dreams pirates approach and board Turqouise Dreams before making off with our deck cushions


Brandon gobbling and showing them that we know how to pirate too

We quickly realized what had happened.  Brandon grabbed the turkey hat, running onto the front of the boat, gobbling, and showing off that we had a hostage.  Three of our deck cushions were missing, but Brandon had taken two of theirs the night before and he pulled them out of the deck storage area to show them what we had.  In the end we still had three mats and an empty space where the fourth mat should have been for the rest of our voyage.


The crew of Turquoise Dreams watches as the pirates retreat with their ill-gotten booty. I think Brandon looks a little defeated, realizing he failed to protect our boat from being plundered.

Later that day at cocktail hour we poured ourselves some glasses of wine.  But something was just a little bit off… we quickly found that they had dumped out several bottles of wine and replaced the contents with seawater and soy sauce!

Darn you Coral Dreams!!!!

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