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Fire show on the beach

Wednesday night we went out on the beach to watch the fire show.  We’ve seen it before – apparently most of the nightly shows rotate between the different El Dorado resorts.  So if you stay here more than once you’ll probably see repeats of the shows.  We enjoyed it nonetheless.




I think a puffer… only a couple of inches long

Then on Thursday I went diving again, this time to the Caves and Gardens dive sites.


juvenile spotted drum

I saw a cool little – I think it’s a puffer – at the Caves.  And at the gardens I found a small alcove with three juvenille spotted drum which is one of the most graceful fish I’ve ever seen.

I also saw a couple of big green moray eels out swimming in the open which is a little unusual.  I think divers must be feeding them because both times the eels came up to us – one of them came close enough to make me a little nervous!


Moray eel looking for a handout

And I got some more video… I love my new camera!!!


My dad was complaining that I don’t have enough invertebrate pictures… so here’s some sponges, corals, and christmas tree worms (or as Tim likes to call them Spirobranchus giganteus)

I’ve updated my Maroma photo album with some more photos


There’s a ball somewhere up there

After diving, I headed back to the beach where it began to rain.  But it didn’t stop me from playing a little volleyball.  There were only four of us though… only two per side.  That means a lot of running around.


After a while I needed a break so Sandy stepped in to play a little.  Okay… maybe some of the shots are a little bit staged 🙂

Iron fist Sandy is scaring the other players!

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