Diving Again

here’s my dive buddy Glen, motioning to me from behind a school of grunts

After a less than successful trip down to the keys last fall (bad weather cancelled most of the dives), I’m down here again to use up the last bit of my credit with Conch Republic Divers and get a little bottom time in.  On the first day, I get teamed up with Glen who is lucky enough to be within driving distance of the keys.


When I was in school I took shop… these kids are taking underwater navigation and surveying classes.

We also had a high school group on the boat.  Guess what they were doing there?  No… it wasn’t underwater basket weaving… they actually had a class in underwater surveying from their highschool.  I think I hate them.  Where was that class when I was in school????




These little gobies waited in the crevices of a large brain coral until larger fish approach at which time they swarm over the customer fish eating little parasites and leaving the larger fish “clean”.

The highlight from day one was this underwater cleaning station.  This large brain coral was home to scores of gobies who would hide in the little crevices waiting for their customers to show up.





A grouper enjoying the meticulous attention.

We returned to this cleaning station several times to find different fish who had come over to get a free cleaning.

The first time it was a grouper, later a couple of hogfish, and I even saw a large parrotfish.

More photos from day one can be found here.



The Claw! The Claw decides who will stay and who will go…


After a successful day diving, I went to smugglers cove to listen to a blues band, enjoy a nice dinner, and sort through the days photos.  That’s where I saw this.

Yes this is a real game and yes those are real lobsters (albiet small ones).

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  1. By Tim, June 10, 2013 @ 1:22 pm

    That was a literal LOL moment. The picture was funny enough, but your comment got me rolling as I imagined what Gary Larson would have drawn had he still published new material after Toy Story was released.

    I first thought of saying it was a “littoral moment,” but I think no one would get it.

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