Testing out the healthcare system

My dad performs periodic tests of the healthcare system. He usually does this by getting a little sick, forgetting to take his meds, and then spiraling downward until I can convince him to call an ambulance.

His hospital stays range from a few hours to a couple of days. On a recent visit he tested out their security by making a break for it and taking a taxi home without, and here’s the critical and most dangerous part, without signing the necessary paperwork.

It reminds me of this funny computer game called Bureaucracy that Douglas Adams created years ago. The object of the game was to navigate the corporate and government bureaucracies to accomplish some task which I have long forgotten. The only problem with the game was that in the game, just as in real life, i wasn’t able to figure out the necessary paperwork.

Well this more recent stay was a little longer than normal. And afterwards it was determined that he would need to go to rehab. So we signed him up for Carriage Hill Nursing Home x Rehab Center which leads me to the real purpose I even started this entry…

Dad’s frequently uncomfortable in these types of places, mostly because their chairs are pretty lame. This lead me to go the extra effort and move his comfy chair in with him.

When the other residents of Carriage Hill saw me coming they said “that’s the most comfortable looking wheelchair I’ve ever seen!”

Now dad can rest in true comfort between his therapy sessions!

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