Dives 3-6

tarted the day out feeling pretty nervous. The prior days dives had me puking my guts out over the side of the boat. We only did two dives. Today we had four scheduled.

This time we were a little better prepared. The first day I didn’t take any dramamine until just before our boat left. This time I took two Dramamine the night before and two the morning of the dive.

The whole adventure scuba gang picked the bus up and headed out to Stuart cove’s which is where Tim and I had dove the day before. Today we had the boat all to ourselves.

Our trip was led by Larry and his wife Sandra. They also gave us our tests for our advanced certification.
Our other fellow divers were:
Henry, Marlene, Ben, Anne Marie, Ashley, Tracy, Matt, and Liz
The dive master that took us out was Neil.

The sea was rough again today but this time we went out and around the point where the water was calmer. We did two dives and then broke for lunch. After lunch some of our group headed back to the hotel but Tim and I, along with a few others, went back out for two more dives.
Tim and myself diving at Tunnel Wall.

We saw quite a few lionfish.  A species not native to the area.  And apparently, as I look through photos taken from our dive photographer, his favorite critter to photograph (next to the sharks of course).

These last two dives were in the rougher waters on the southeast side of the island. Our boat charged ahead into the waves, sea spray breaking over the bow and drenching everyone at the back of the boat.  Tim and I were in the small cabin, but even we weren’t safe. Water came in through windows that had slowly crept open as the boat was rocked by the sea.

We sat on long metal benches that went along the side of the boat. As the boat bounced about, we had to wrap our fingers around the edge of the bench and hold ourselves in place. I began to feel a little quisiness returning to my stomach. Fortunately it never got real bad, but after the last dive I was very happy to get back on solid ground.

We worked on some more skills during the final two dives and then spent a little time exploring. Both of these dives were near wrecks, one of which had been used in a movie ( something blue?) and still had some prop skeletons laying inside the ship. A photographer followed us on all of our dives so with luck we’ll have some good pictures to include later.

The David Tucker wreck

Here we are at the Willaurie wreck
Ah yes, the required pose with fake skeleton parts.  A right of passage that all divers must go through.

Tim looks like he’s auditioning for the waterworld production of Hamlet.

After the last dive we headed back to our hotel. Initially we had planned to go out for dinner but we were so tired we decided to eat there instead. We ended up going back to our room a little after 8pm. I read for a little bit. Tim tried to read but it wasn’t long before I heard a light snore and saw him laying there with his eyes closed and the dive book resting on his chest.

I turned the lights out at 9pm and joined him.

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