Coconut Cove

Sunrise from Coconut Cove Resort on Islamorada

On our second morning we didn’t feel quite the same rush to get up early and get to the dive shop.  I got up and wandered down to the water to watch the sunrise.  We were staying in a little place on Islamorada just a few minutes from the dive shop.

Coconut Cove is about 20 years past being a nice little resort.  We stayed in the Captain’s Cottages which consisted of a few small duplexes which stood next to the office and in front of a three story building with hotel style rooms.  On the drive down, we got a call from the hotel manager which offered us a free upgrade to the rooms in the larger building.  These rooms were definitely nicer than the cottages, with marble bathrooms and sliding glass doors that opened onto a large shared balcony.  If we had the girls with us, there is no doubt we’d have taken the upgrade.  But we didn’t mind staying in rooms that were a little dumpy and with the cottages we could park right in front of our room which was handy for loading/unloading gear.

Juicing up for the days diving

Tim and I stayed in one room and James stayed in the other.  Each room had two beds, a queen as well as a small twin bed.  Tim sat down on the twin in our room, bounced a couple of times and said, ‘well, I guess we’ll be sharing the queen bed’.  The springs on the twin were beat.  The bed sagged in the middle and creaked when you moved on it.  By all rights it should have been uncomfortable as hell, but just like with the resort, I actually liked the little bed despite it’s shortcomings and slept on it soundly every night of our trip.

Each of our rooms also had a small kitchenette area with a sink, microwave (ours didn’t work), stove, and refrigerator.  The cabinets were stocked with dishes and utensils as well as a price list for anything that might go missing from the room.

Don’t get me wrong, despite it’s need for a makeover, I actually like Coconut Cove and would definitely come back here again.  The manager (owner?) was a nice woman who brought a different bird into work each day (the first day she had a friendly macaw that she had rescued and was rehabilitating).  She gave us good suggestions each night for places to eat.  They had a nice lagoon style swimming pool with a waterfall on one side and a good sized fish pond in which we could occasionally see dark fish darting through the murky water.

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  1. By tim, December 19, 2010 @ 3:46 pm

    Yaaay! Pictures. I think I actually must have seen the pool and I know I noticed the waterfall, but I probably completely ignored it because it was so friggin’ chilly.

  2. By James, December 21, 2010 @ 1:34 pm

    Where are the pictues with snow on the ground to prove how cold it was?!

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