Final dives

Our captain Clint taking us out for our final dives

Why the hell don't they make these things easier to put on

Sunday was our last day for diving and as it turns out our timing was good. It was already a little cooler than normal with temperatures in the mid 70s.  Now a front was moving in and dropping the temperatures even further — down into the low 60s.   Brrrrrrrr.  We went out on the small boat in the morning, just the three of us along with another couple who was diving and our captain Clint. We did two morning dives to finish up our trip and went back to the dive shop to settle up.

Afterwards we headed to Subway for our first grease-free lunch of the trip.  Subway was not staffed by the best and the brightest of the keys. My encounter with the sandwich maker was almost comical. I asked for a oven roasted chicken sub which consists of just a couple of chicken breasts and some cheese. But as I watched her make my sandwich, she put diced chicken and bacon on the sandwich. This is where the confusion started. I reminded her that I just wanted an oven roasted chicken (i.e. no bacon) and she clearly had no idea what I was talked about. I told her no bacon and she asked me about the chicken. Of course my ears are blocked up from days of diving and I started to wonder if I wasn’t speaking clearly. I told her oven roasted chicken again and she gave me this blank look. I said over roasted chicken, in other words no bacon. Then I said forget it, I’ll take it like it is and that caused even more confusion. Eventually I did get my sub and Tim, James, and myself had a good chuckle after we walked out of the restaurant.

Drying our gear

We took our subs back to the hotel and enjoyed a nice lunch while our gear dried.  Our adventure was near the end and by this time tomorrow, we’d be back home.

Worn out from nearly 11 hours underwater it was time for a nice siesta.

Dreaming of sponges and corals

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