Oh no! Not again…

Well, we didn’t break the record with that last storm, so mother nature decided to try again.  Just like with the storm a few days ago, the weather men kept raising their predictions for this storm every few hours, finally settling on an additional 10-20 inches of snow.  When this storm hit, it was much fiercer than the last storm, with the snow swirling around in strong gusts of wind.

But as we’ve all learned, watching the fearless crews of CNN and our local news stations, it is the proud duty of the newsman to report on situations such as this regardless of the danger to themselves.  So, without concern for my personal safety (or Sandy’s comfort) I opened the front door to my house and stuck my arm out to record this historic event so that my loyal viewer(s) can experience it second hand.

Unfortunately, Tim and I were supposed to be flying down to Florida the next day for a dive trip.  All the airlines were canceling their flights.  We had no choice but to cancel ours also.  That’s when I made the mistake of trying to call SouthWest.
If you thought that video was annoying be thankful you got the abridged version.  I had to listen to that damn music for over an hour.
We did finally get a record.  We’ve had 54.9 inches of snow this year which beat the 1898-99 by half an inch.
Unlike the prior storm, the birds were out at the feeders throughout blizzard.  We watched groupings of little birds hopping about on the snow looking for fallen seeds as blue jays, cardinals, and a little woodpecker feasted at the feeder and occasionally made off with a peanut.
The next day, our pond had just about disappeared entirely.

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