Oceanworld Casino

Please don’t poop on us!

Not far from our resort is the Oceanworld park and Casino. We had already visited once during the day where we watched dolphin and sea lion shows as well as walking through a couple of small aviaries. One of the aviaries was filled with love birds… A woman in there had us hold out out hands and she filled them with a little bird seed. Within seconds our hands and arms were covered with the colorful birds. A few landed on our heads and one even tried to climb down sandy’s shirt.

The tributes are clad in yellow and ready to be fed to the fierce nurse sharks!

The park had a small pool filled with tropical reef fish that we had planned on going snorkeling in. However, when we saw the size of it we decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. It might be a good pool for first timers to snorkel in but I think that’s about it. Oceanworld was fun for a couple of hours but after that we were ready to go back to the resort.

On Thursday night they had another VIP party that we went to. Like the other parties it was buffet style, the food was okay, and they had a band playing music. We also got to got to a Vegas style show and we left the buffet about 15 minutes before the show to try and get good seats.

We ended up in the third row (the first two rows were reserved) and had a good view of the stage. We were previously warned to be careful choosing seats because some of them had severly obstructed views by large columns set at regular intervals between the third and fourth rows.

They told us still pictures were okay but we weren’t allowed to take any video of the show. Oops! I’m torn trying to decide my favourite number, is it the dancers with candleabras on their heads or when everyone dressed up as a tropical bird?

After the show we went down to the casino. They had lots of $5 tables so we sat down at one of the blackjack tables to play. We received some matchplay coupons at the resort and we used them. Between the two of us we put in $60 and waked away with a single black chip… Up $40 from where we started.

We decided to take a break and check out the disco upstairs… Like most resort discos we visited, it was not a lively place. A few people danced around speakers blaring loud enough to ensure that no coversation could take place. We quickly retreated and called it a night.

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