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I guess cheap caribbean must have struck a pretty good deal with the resort.  I see lots of actual vacation club members with their gold, blue, and red shiny bands, and I see cheap carribean vacationers with their ordinary white bands, and that’s it.  No other travel agencies seemed to have scored the vip package for their customers.

The good beds in the VIP area go quick and by 7am the only beds left are the ones without cover in the center of the VIP area. Our favourite bed so far is the top bunk of one of the double decker beds where we’re able to lounge, read (and blog) throughout the day.  I had read  in one review that the wifi access is best on the west side of the beach (ie the left side as you face the ocean) and that is very true.  wifi is also available up in the sushi bar area and sometimes by mid afternoon you’ll see a long row of laptops lining the granite counter.

SOP is to get there early, claim your bed, and then you’re free to do as you please. It seems pretty safe to leave your stuff there while you go out to other areas in the resort or down the beach.

Santa helping himself to a whiskey and hoping to get lucky!

The staff is very friendly and provides bed side service… they’re usually good at checking frequently to see if you need anything. We typically tip a dollar or two each time they bring us a drink or food.

There is a limited menu of food items you can order in the VIP area. The service for food is slower than drinks and usually whatever they bring is cold by the time we get it. We’ve been to the sushi bar once so far. The selection there was limited, mostly rolls, but we liked what we got.

* it’s been a day since a started this entry an i learned the secret of getting good beds in the vip area.  I got up this morning at 6am to try and beat the rush to claiming beds.  I got here and the gates to the vip area was closed.  One of the staff told me the gates would open at 7am so I lay down on one of the lounge chairs by the pool to wait.  At 6:30 the guy I spoke to earlier called me over, the gate was now open and he motioned me inside.  Right off I noticed that most of the beds already had towels or magazines or whatever else was used to reserve the bed.

Sandy looking down from our treehouse beach bed.

As the guy helped me to find a bed, it quickly became evident that it helped to have a man on the inside.  We settled on the top bunk of a double level bed and the guy removed the magazine that was holding the bed.  He said he could get the bed for me tomorrow too.  I told him thanks and handed him a $5.  I wasn’t sure how much I should tip/bribe him… but he accepted the five (after unfolding it and examining the bill to see how much it was) so i guess i did okay.  I also overheard some ask his friend for a couple of bucks so they could get a bed so I think my bribe was in the ballpark.

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