Another party…

Last night they set tables up all around the pool area and had another party for us. The food was served buffet style… The variety was decent and the food was good.

The wine was another story… They served the same bad wine that is endimic throughout the caribbean… Or at least the Caribbean resorts. We almost brought our own bottle of wine which we had swiped from the VIP bar earlier that day (the bartender turned the other way for us and we slipped him a fiver to say thanks). The VIP wine wasn’t great… But it wasn’t bad either which made it infinitly preferable to the house wine.

The table and chairs were all covered in white cloth which gave them an elegant look despite their cheap plastic core which bent easily under even slight pressure. The other side of the pool seemed to be lit pretty well but over where we were it was a like a fine candlelit dinner sans candles.  We had fun trying to identify items on our plate by taste since it was too dark for us to see them.  Eventually someone came around and put candles on our tables however they must have been afraid to break the mood because they didn’t actually light the candles. After staring at a dark wick for a few moments I went over to one of the neighboring tables and borrowed their flame.

After dinner we wandered around to the other side of the pool which also was surrounded by tables as well as bright colorful party lights. They had added a floating stage to the pool and before long an entertainer came out to sing pop songs to us. People began to dance and much to sandy’s dismay we joined them… She tried and tried but was unable to fix the awkward gait that I call dancing.

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