So close to home yet so far away

Often when traveling you yearn* for a bit of the familiar… Like a friend of mine that I traveled with some in Europe who always wanted to eat at mcdonalds. So I felt a little happiness when we ventured out on the beach and saw our first carribean walmart.

But things are never quite the same… And like the mcdonalds in Europe where you can buy a beer, the walmart here was a little bit different. It’s proprieter, happily out of reach of US copyright law, beckoned to me to visit and see his fine collection of Mama Juana (domincan drink that despite what they say you can’t take on an airplane), beaded necklaces, cheap souveniers, and sunglasses.

The only thing I really cared about were those sunglasses because I left mine at home. I asked a price and he confidently told me 700 pesos which is a little more than 20 dollars. However his selection was awful… Mostly glasses for girls and the few that weren’t I wasn’t about to wear in public. So I declined, his offer quickly dropped to $10 and as I walked away even went to $2 (at which point I almost went back… But the glasses were so bad I decided it wasn’t worth it).

* I really wasn’t sure how to spell yearn… I started with yurn but knew that wasn’t right. So I asked my better half and she stared at me¬†strangely… “you don’t know how to spell that?” she asked, the undertone of her voice betraying her disgust at my ignorance, ” it’s U-R-I-N-E”

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