VIP party!!

Every Sunday they have a VIP party that we got invited to… We’re not really sure what it takes to be a VIP… Maybe everyone here is special!!!

The party wasn’t very far away… A shuttle bus picked us up and drove us a few minutes through small town streets. We got out of the bus… Not really sure where we were. A sign for the resort pointed down a small deserted alleyway and after a slight hesitation, we slowly made our way down the alley.

We got to the end of the alley and turned…




What was once a grassy field had been transformed. A walkway took us between tables crowded with jewelry and souveniers. Vendors yelled for our attention and we looked down trying not to make eye contact as we went forward.

As we left the vendors behind we approached a large bar area where bartenders stood in front of top shelf (well… semi topshelf) liqours and two types of wine (both red and white). Candlelit tables dotted the landscape, a long raised walkway split the field in two. At the far end of the walkway there was a large stage where the nights entertainment would take place.

Large party tents covered an impressive buffet area and we got ourselves some food and a couple of drinks then found a table. The ground was a little wet and muddy, it had rained frequently the prior week, but tonight the weather was very pleasant.

A band started to play, their first song was terrible, we had to cover our ears the singer was so bad. But they improved after that… American rock and roll songs were not their forte, but the Latin songs they did were very good. We went up and danced as fireworks lit up the sky.

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