Touchdown in DR

Our flight was uneventful but nice… The plane was virtually empty. Sandy and I each had an entire emergency row to ourselves… That’s three seats each with just the aisle between us.

Unlike recent flights where we’ve been charged for crappy food… Continental treated us like kings. A cart came around with a choice between hamburgrs and wraps, Cesar salads, and cookies for dessert. Okay… It was a little box lunch… Not the same as eating at the Palm, but still it was hot, decent, and they didn’t charge extra.

Sandy remarked it felt like we were on our own private jet as she read her paper. I took advantage of the down time by laying out across the seats and taking a nap.



It didn’t feel too long before i felt my ears pop and knew we had started our descent.


We only brought carry on luggage for this trip… so getting off the plane and out of the airport didn’t take too long. The minibuses and taxis were just outside. Not really knowing what a reasonable fare would be, we had been a little concerned of getting ripped off by a taxi driver, but fortunately the rates to various areas were posted on a board so there was no question. $45 and 40 minutes to Cofresi (?) beach…. we’re almost there!

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