BVI Tradewinds

Everyone on board claimed to have terrible memory – I’m sure we each secretly snuck into the lounge to study the passenger list.

Just a quick post while we’re on shore and I have a wireless connection.  Trip is great – there’s twelve of us altogether.  Captain and first mate (Brandon & Monica), a couple of trainees (Galli & Sam), English couple (David & Louise), friends from San Francisco (Donna & Jamie), and a couple from Mass (Steve & Nancy).

Sandy enjoying a cocktail as Brandon takes us out to sea

 Cabins are small but sufficient – you spend most of your time above deck anyway.  We’re spending a lot of time getting to know our shipmates – everybody is very friendly.  It’s really a great group to spend the week with.

From the left: Galli, Sam, Steve, Nancy, Louise, David, Donna, Bruce, Sandy, Jamie – Brandon and Monica are back on the boat enjoy a small break from the rest of us 🙂

The weather has been a little more rainy and windy than anticipated.  The seas are a bit choppy with 3-4 ft swells at times.  My fears of sea-sickness have not been realized and I’ve done extremely well during this trip (just took dramamine a couple of times when snorkeling).

Enjoying snacks on the front of the boat during the captains happy hour

Barracuda that was hanging out below our boat

We’ve done a few snorkeling trips and on sunday Brandon, Jamie, Galli, and myself went for nice dive.  Saw giant hermit crabs (in conch shells), loads of tarpin, parrotfish, spotted drum, lobster, conch, large schools of blue tangs.

There have been a few moon jelly’s around which made people nervous at first but they’re pretty harmless and we’ve gotten use to them.



I’ve also been working on my freediving skills while snorkeling which are vastly improved.  I can dive down and spend several seconds swimming across the bottom getting a close look at all the critters like this pufferfish.

Puffer swimming along the bottom

Brandon and Monica are fabulous hosts and at meal time we get to enjoy the many gourmet treats they prepare for us.

Breakfast- Yum! Yum!

Our first land trip of the week was on Virgin Gorda where we took a taxi to the Baths.  This is an unusual area where numerious granite blocks worked their way to the surface.

Ack – getting called back to the boat – one last quick picture of the baths.

The Baths


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