if you build it… they will come…

I’ve done a couple of additional things with the pond lately, first off the sound we were getting from the waterfall sounded an awful lot like someone taking a leak after drinking several gallons of water.  Not exactly the sound I wanted.

So I did a couple of things, first I added a stone at the bottom of the waterfall.  Instead of the water going straight into the small pool, it now hit this stone and splattered everywhere.  Fortunately, most of it stays in the pond so I’m not losing much water.  I also inserted a small stone into the wall to interrupt the water as it fell, splashing it off in a different direction and changing the sound.
I also got this spray foam for waterfalls.  Most of the water flowing down my stream was actually going behind the river jack (small stones) that I had laid down.  I took the spray foam and sprayed it into the crevices of my stream bed.  This has two effects, first it fills up the space behind the stones forcing the water to flow over the stones rather than behind them.  Second, it sticks to the stones and helps hold them in place (at least I hope it will help hold them in place).
Despite my best efforts I got some of this foam on my fingers.  I immediately tried to wash it off but that didn’t work.  I read the side of the bottle and it said if the foam gets on your skin, DO NOT USE WATER!  Oops!  It says to use acetone but that didn’t really work either (maybe because I already used water?)  Oh well… it’s supposed to wear off in time.
The foam worked perfectly.  My stream looks and sounds much better than it did before.
I’ve also finished placing stones around the perimeter of the pond and since I have left over stones and dirt I thought I’d build a series of terraces on the side of the hill.  You can see the first one that I started.
Also today while digging around, I found my first volunteer pond critter… I doubt I’ve seen more than half a dozen salamanders in the wild in my life.  So I was pretty excited to have one living in my back yard.

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