Turquoise Dreams

Looking at the tradewinds brochure and dreaming of more vacations

Our home for the next seven days was a 46′ long catamaran named Turquoise Dreams.  She was the first boat in the Tradewinds fleet… which might explain why Brandon spent so much time with a wrench in his hand (just kidding… despite a couple of hiccups that boat was in great shape and absolutely beautiful).  It had six cabins each with their own bathroom, a lounge inside the boat (which didn’t get used much because we were always outside), a kitchen where Monica and crew whipped up fabulous meals for us, a seating area outside where we would eat and hang out, and of course an expansive deck for laying out under the caribbean sun.

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Having a good time at Willy T’s

Our itinerary took us to 19 stops on 8 different islands across the BVI.  We snorkeled, swam, danced, pirated, sailed, and went from a group of strangers to good friends enjoying a dream vacation together.

Couple of big tarpin float alongside the ledge

We spent our first night at Peter’s Island and the next morning after breakfast we motored a short distance to Little Harbor where we did our first snorkel of the trip.  Sandy and I swam from the boat towards shore where we explored the reef which was just along the shore.  Some beautiful blue fans and corals (elkhorn & staghorn – I know two coral names!) were there along with an array of colorful fish.  After a bit we went back to the boat where I discovered a barracuda hanging out just below between the two hulls.  Galli told me of a ledge on the other side of the boat so i went out and explored along it. Saw some great fish – couple large tarpon, big puffer, french angels, scorpion fish (swimming).  Finally, Brandon called me back to the boat – it was time to move on.

Effective camoflauge – I only saw this little fellow because I saw him swimming just before he set down on the bottom

Brandon working the sails

So we unfurled the sails and this time let the wind carry us.  We lay around on the deck enjoying the breeze and getting to know each other.  Galli has told me some stories of doing boat deliveries – out at sea for 6 weeks at a time – sometimes not seeing another boat or land for two weeks at a time.  Boredom is a bit of a danger.  He must have learned to be a good listener on these trips because when he asked me about my job he appeared genuiley interested as I discussed computers and writing reports.

I also went on my first dive of the trip in Manchioneel Bay.  Brandon, Jamie, Galli, and I went down while the rest of our gang snorkeled about checking out the sea life closer to the surface.

Click here for more diving pictures.

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