No worries… Just watching the world go by


Galli enjoying some time to himself

Brandon taught us a new word on our trip.  Chilaxing.

Of course it was more than just a word.  It’s a state of mind.  And there is no better way to chilax than kicking back on the open seas and watching the clouds go by.  No bills.  No traffic.  The only noise is the sound of the waves splashing against the hull of the boat and the sails flapping in the wind.


Sandy visiting with Chester. Much to her disappointment, Chester was not allowed to chilax on the open seas with us. But he was happy to great us when we got back!

I was surprised how little I thought of my previous life as I enjoyed this trip.



Is there any better way to chilax than floating with your friends sipping tropical drinks?


No, this wasn’t a mutiny. Sandy didn’t hijack the boat with thoughts of exploring the entire caribbean one island at a time. Okay… maybe the thoughts were there… and maybe that’s why she was so interested in taking some sailing lessons from Brandon…

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