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I pulled back the liner and underlayment from the stream and filled in the eroded areas with fresh dirt.  I realized that this situation could reoccur, not just from a leaking stream but also if I had a strong rain storm I could face more erosion. 

I went back to home depot (god do they have a lot of my money now) and bought a 20″ wide party bucket and a 10′ long 3/4″ pvc pipe.  My thought was to put the bucket underneath the waterfall liner at the bottom of the waterfall.  I added some additional pieces of liner underneath the waterfall box and along the top of the mound to redirect water into the bucket.  Then I took the pipe, attached it to the bucket and had it run through the hill and off into a flower bed to give the water somewhere to drain too.  Hopefully this will catch and safely drain any water runoff before it can damage my stream.

Next I worked on attaching the liner to the waterfall box.  The box had a little lip and a matching faceplate and the idea is you would sandwich the liner between these and then screw the faceplate to the lip, holding the liner in place.  The kit came with a tube of silicon which I generously applied to both the lip and the faceplate before attaching the liner. 

Unfortunately in the process of screwing this all together, a piece of the liner slipped out and did not get sandwiched like it should.  I realized this and raced to take the whole thing apart and put the liner in correctly before the silicon could dry.  Before long, my hands were coated in black silicon which is exceptionally difficult to remove.  Soap and water barely made a dent.  Sandy and I found ourselves looking through cans of chemicals, hoping to find something to help without also removing all the skin from my hands.  In the end we got the idea to use plain old vinegar and that worked like a charm at dissolving the silicon and my hands slowly returned to normal.

I put the liner and waterfall box back as I continued to fill up the pond with water.  I needed to give the silicon time to dry before I could try it out.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any more leaks before I began to build the stone wall for the waterfall.  So it was time to call it a day. 

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