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Diving Again

After a less than successful trip down to the keys last fall (bad weather cancelled most of the dives), I’m down here again to use up the last bit of my credit with Conch Republic Divers and get a little bottom time in.  On the first day, I get teamed up with Glen who is lucky […]

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Whale sharks!

Sandy thought I was being obsessive as I read the directions given to us by the self appointed “Whale Shark Daddy” and tried to trace out the route on google maps.  He had told us to forget google… because it doesn’t work well in Mexico.  And that may be somewhat true, but the Whale Shark […]

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Last weekend, down in Fredricksburg, my dad found a praying mantis egg case which he brought home.  The week went by uneventfully until this morning when I received a call that the egg case had gone all fuzzy.  The fuzzines was the motion of scores of baby praying mantis’ who, thanks to the warmth of […]

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Swallow Falls camping

Our campsite – no we didn’t sleep in the element. Our tent is just the other side of my car. We were a bit apprehensive about the weather forecast for our weekends camping trip and indeed, on our three and a half hour drive we encountered a storm that hammered us with rain so hard […]

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The Jungle Place

As we were doing some research on things to do down here we found one that looked pretty interesting.  The Jungle Place was rated high on trip advisor (#6 our of 85) so we thought we would check it out.  It’s a sanctuary for Spider Monkeys about 30 km from Playa del Carmen.  They only take […]

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So our first night here, when we were eating dinner at the resort restaurant, out of the corner of my eye I saw a brief streak of movement that quickly disappeared into the bushes.  The next morning as I walked out to get some coffee, I saw these strange five fingered tracks in the sand. Then […]

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Long Branch Nature Center

We’ve spent the last month visiting with our cousins from Norway (and many many other family members).  But sadly they’ve had to return to their own lives and have left us with a quiet house.  Too quiet… it’s a little eerie after weeks of kids playing about.  So Sandy and I decided to get out […]

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Springtime at the Park Dr pond

      Spring has arrived on Park Dr!  Sandy and I have noticed the trees and flowers around the neighborhood blooming and an abundance of rabbits hopping around when we take our evening walks.   And all of the hard work we’ve put into the backyard is beginning to pay off… I’ve recently added […]

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Sanibel Island

We did lots of laying on the beach and lots of biking when we went down to Sanibel Island.  I’ve put together a little video of our trip.

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The critters of Orange Hill

A video compilation of some of the critters we met at Orange Hill…

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