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I feel the earth move under my feet…

yep, i felt my first earthquake while standing in the hall at work talking to the guys. I know all the California folk are snickering over their lattes, but for us this was a once in a century quake.

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Cherry Blossoms

The groundhog has predicted an early spring.  The days are finally getting longer, the air is a little less frigid, and the cherry blossoms are out in force. Tim and I headed down to the tidal basin to enjoy a nice stroll and see the sights.  We did it early enough that it wasn’t completely […]

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According to Wikipedia (which said according to CBS news (which said according to, 215,000 people came to see the Rally. Good thing they abandoned the headcount concept… Sandy and I came late so we’d probably be numbers like 198,215 and 198,216.

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Rally to Restore Sanity

After weeks of waiting, Sandy and I set out this morning to see Jon Stewart (and Stephen Colbert) Rally on the National Mall. For those of you who have been in a news black hole, the Rally to Restore Sanity was announced a month and a half ago by Jon on his show.  Jon’s nemesis, […]

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