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At a little after 12:30 the ground began to shake, I heard a noise like thunder, slowly growing louder and louder until from around the corner… here comes the Beast!  Well… actually Mike told me it’s the smallest backhoe you can buy. But it’s still about 10,000 times bigger than my shovel. After discussing the […]

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Day 3 digging… maybe I should’ve taken a day off.  I went out this morning to continue digging and it didn’t take long before my arms started to feel like jello.  I’ve been breaking small bits of clay off with the pickax, shoveling it into the wheelbarrow, dumping it on the mound, and tamping it down […]

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Clay sucks

I’m sure my new neighbors must get occasional glimpses of me and wonder “what the heck is he doing to that nice flat lawn?” ¬†Wondering if in 6 months they’re going to end up being interviewed on CNN saying “he seemed like a nice quiet man, of course we didn’t know him that well… we […]

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time to break ground

Now that the distractions were out of the way, it was time to start digging.  We’ll use the dirt we dig up to build the hill for the waterfall.  I didn’t make too much progress the first day.  Mostly I just dug up the first few inches.  Sandy thinks I should hire some day laborer’s […]

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