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Not to be confused with Fort Lauderdale, best know for hosting thousands of inebriated college students for the annual rite of Spring Break, this overly hyphenated town lays claim as the Beach Diving Capital of South Florida.  Tim’s father Jonathan had recently moved down to escape the cold winters of Virginia and had been describing the diving […]

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Huahine diving

Maitai Lapita dress code – “A minimum dress code is required at the restaurant and we ask you not to appear shirtless.” Monday 5/26. We had arranged the day before to go out with Pacific Blue Adventure diving.  They were a small dive shop in downtown Fare (having said that, I’m not sure Fare is […]

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More Maroma

Wednesday night we went out on the beach to watch the fire show.  We’ve seen it before – apparently most of the nightly shows rotate between the different El Dorado resorts.  So if you stay here more than once you’ll probably see repeats of the shows.  We enjoyed it nonetheless.     Then on Thursday […]

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We are enjoying our winter break down in Mexico at El Dorado Maroma.  The weather has been a little cooler than normal… cool enough that I’m wearing jeans in the morning.  And there’s been a little rain.  But I checked the weather back home and it said 27 degrees (that would be farenheit!) so we’re […]

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The Mission at Great Dog

After we left Virgin Gorda we motored across to Great Dog.  The seas were a little rough but after a little searching we found a nice spot on the far side of the island.  Sandy, Jamie, Sam, and Donna were going to go snorkeling.  They loaded up in the dinghy and Monica took them across to a […]

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Brandon taught us a new word on our trip.  Chilaxing. Of course it was more than just a word.  It’s a state of mind.  And there is no better way to chilax than kicking back on the open seas and watching the clouds go by.  No bills.  No traffic.  The only noise is the sound of […]

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Virgin Gorda’s two gas stations & more…

Drip, drip, drip… It rained on us some Sunday night – we had to close the hatch which made it a little stuffy down below, although it still wasn’t too bad. Sandy got the worse end of the deal because there was a slight leak in the hatch directly above her. It was like chinese […]

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BVI Tradewinds

Just a quick post while we’re on shore and I have a wireless connection.  Trip is great – there’s twelve of us altogether.  Captain and first mate (Brandon & Monica), a couple of trainees (Galli & Sam), English couple (David & Louise), friends from San Francisco (Donna & Jamie), and a couple from Mass (Steve […]

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Turquoise Dreams

Our home for the next seven days was a 46′ long catamaran named Turquoise Dreams.  She was the first boat in the Tradewinds fleet… which might explain why Brandon spent so much time with a wrench in his hand (just kidding… despite a couple of hiccups that boat was in great shape and absolutely beautiful).  […]

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I thought they’d blend in more…

In addition to our many shore dives, we also went out on a few boat dives during our trip.  The boat dives were short single tank dives that left from Buddy’s dock and mostly went to dive spots around Kleine Bonaire (the island across the water from our resort). One of the amazing things about […]

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