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Dusty roads and not so rusty trucks

Before we left on the trip, Tim and I were firing emails back and forth discussing logistics, doing web-recon on potential dive sites, and getting each other excited about the upcoming trip.  I think Tim summed it up best… You know, I’ve been having fantasies about this trip.  I can just see us cavalierly tossing […]

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Dive! Dive! Dive!

This was it!  We sat had sat through the orientation.  We had received our gear.  We knew where the secret key was. We had our choice between diving the resort reef, going out on one of the dive boats, or hoping in our pickup truck and heading off down the dusty roads to one of […]

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Lights in the water

The day had started at 3:30am with a quick shower, cab ride to the airport, flight to Atlanta and then on to Bonaire, check-in, car rental, unpacking, and a little bit of hacking. Now finally, it was time to relax. We kicked back at a seaside table in the hotel restaurant. The sun fell rapidly […]

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Final dives

Sunday was our last day for diving and as it turns out our timing was good. It was already a little cooler than normal with temperatures in the mid 70s.  Now a front was moving in and dropping the temperatures even further — down into the low 60s.   Brrrrrrrr.  We went out on the […]

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We had two and a half days to squeeze in as many dives as we could manage.  We had already done 4 dives on day one and our second day we had another 4 planned as well as a night dive. The winds were calm today so we could start off right away with reef […]

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Coconut Cove

On our second morning we didn’t feel quite the same rush to get up early and get to the dive shop.  I got up and wandered down to the water to watch the sunrise.  We were staying in a little place on Islamorada just a few minutes from the dive shop. Coconut Cove is about […]

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Too good to be prepared

You know, I do a lot of traveling and I’m a pretty smart guy. My cousin Tim travels too and is likewise pretty clever. My friend James not only travels but lived for two months down in the Caribbean. Why is it that none of us thought to check the weather before heading down to […]

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My, what fine big white teeth you have…

The final two dives of our trip were the shark dives.  These two dives were at the same location. For the first dive we went down and swam out towards a wall that we followed for a little bit before heading back up to the boat. We occasionally saw sharks but tim and I spent more of our […]

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Dives 7&8

Again the seas were rough. We had plans… We had to improvise. Later we had to improvise again. Apparently, the weather is usually much better than this and it’s got everyone scratching their heads trying to figure out how to adapt.  We ended up doing two dives. Both of them were at locations we had […]

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Dives 3-6

tarted the day out feeling pretty nervous. The prior days dives had me puking my guts out over the side of the boat. We only did two dives. Today we had four scheduled. This time we were a little better prepared. The first day I didn’t take any dramamine until just before our boat left. […]

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