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Oceanworld Casino

Not far from our resort is the Oceanworld park and Casino. We had already visited once during the day where we watched dolphin and sea lion shows as well as walking through a couple of small aviaries. One of the aviaries was filled with love birds… A woman in there had us hold out out […]

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VIP = me

I guess cheap caribbean must have struck a pretty good deal with the resort.  I see lots of actual vacation club members with their gold, blue, and red shiny bands, and I see cheap carribean vacationers with their ordinary white bands, and that’s it.  No other travel agencies seemed to have scored the vip package […]

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Another party…

Last night they set tables up all around the pool area and had another party for us. The food was served buffet style… The variety was decent and the food was good. The wine was another story… They served the same bad wine that is endimic throughout the caribbean… Or at least the Caribbean resorts. […]

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So close to home yet so far away

Often when traveling you yearn* for a bit of the familiar… Like a friend of mine that I traveled with some in Europe who always wanted to eat at mcdonalds. So I felt a little happiness when we ventured out on the beach and saw our first carribean walmart. But things are never quite the […]

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VIP party!!

Every Sunday they have a VIP party that we got invited to… We’re not really sure what it takes to be a VIP… Maybe everyone here is special!!! The party wasn’t very far away… A shuttle bus picked us up and drove us a few minutes through small town streets. We got out of the […]

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Touchdown in DR

Our flight was uneventful but nice… The plane was virtually empty. Sandy and I each had an entire emergency row to ourselves… That’s three seats each with just the aisle between us. Unlike recent flights where we’ve been charged for crappy food… Continental treated us like kings. A cart came around with a choice between […]

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The trip begins

We planned to leave the house 2 hours early since we’re going on an international trip…. It took us a total of 25 minutes to taxi to the airport, check in, and clear security. Wow! I can’t believe how fast that was… At least we have time for a nice breakfast.   This is also […]

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