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Punch the pig!

Shopping is hard work!  So when the opportunity presented itself, we took a little break…. Of course it seems to me the placement of this game is a little risky.  I could just imagine a shopper walking by, lost in their own world, visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads and so on when […]

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Testing out the healthcare system

My dad performs periodic tests of the healthcare system. He usually does this by getting a little sick, forgetting to take his meds, and then spiraling downward until I can convince him to call an ambulance. His hospital stays range from a few hours to a couple of days. On a recent visit he tested […]

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Family reunion

After a year of planning we’re finally having our family vacation down in the outer banks.  We’ve got 6 beach houses and 60… 65… I’m not even sure how many people.  But they sure can fill up a room.

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Name that tree

So Tim and I are sitting out on this porch swing like an elderly couple staring at bushes and imagining the ocean that we can’t quite see because of those bushes. We’re watching as hummingbirds hover about tasting occasionally from the bougenvilla. Tim notices this small tree and points it out to me… But he […]

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Tide pools

After checking in to our room, Tim and I went out for a nice walk along the beach. This is not somewhere you want to go barefoot. Lots of fossilized coral and broken glass made us happy to have sandles on. We found lots of little tide pools that we examined for critters. Tim (as […]

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Orange hill

We’ve made it to our hotel… We’re waiting for our room to be ready. Happily they have wifi so we can ignore the beautiful ocean and wonderful weather while we give in to our addictions. (jk… As soon as the room is ready we’re going hiking!!!!) yes… we’re geeks at heart!

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Bahamas here we come

Tim and arrived at the airport this morning and immeadiately headed to the charging stations to make sure our phones were fully juiced up. Sadly, the airport only provides stations that can be accessed while standing so we stood around for about an hour trying to convince each other that “my phone is cooler than […]

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okay… well I should have been working on the pond of course… but we had already scheduled a camping trip over labor day weekend.  We went to Locust Lake in PA.  Weather was perfect!!!  We didn’t see many animals but they had a nice variety of fungus. we also saw a stick insect and… not […]

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