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New window options

We have some options for how the front window will look… we’re torn and can’t decide, so you my loyal readers can help!!!   Look at the options and let me know which one you like best. Option A Four separate casement windows Option B Two casement windows with a picture window in the middle […]

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new windows!

Well… not quite yet… but we’re getting close… we decided on Pella.  One of the things we’ll be doing is making the front window larger.  Here are some pictures of what it will look like. and another picture closer up…. and here’s what it will look like from inside

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A fierce storm blew through the area yesterday afternoon dumped a ton of water and stole our electricity. No big deal… Sandy and I already had plans to go out and see Avenue Q (which was absolutely fantastic). With a little luck the power would be back by the time we got home. Sadly, we […]

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