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Diving Again

After a less than successful trip down to the keys last fall (bad weather cancelled most of the dives), I’m down here again to use up the last bit of my credit with Conch Republic Divers and get a little bottom time in.  On the first day, I get teamed up with Glen who is lucky […]

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Final dives

Sunday was our last day for diving and as it turns out our timing was good. It was already a little cooler than normal with temperatures in the mid 70s.  Now a front was moving in and dropping the temperatures even further — down into the low 60s.   Brrrrrrrr.  We went out on the […]

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We had two and a half days to squeeze in as many dives as we could manage.  We had already done 4 dives on day one and our second day we had another 4 planned as well as a night dive. The winds were calm today so we could start off right away with reef […]

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Coconut Cove

On our second morning we didn’t feel quite the same rush to get up early and get to the dive shop.  I got up and wandered down to the water to watch the sunrise.  We were staying in a little place on Islamorada just a few minutes from the dive shop. Coconut Cove is about […]

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Too good to be prepared

You know, I do a lot of traveling and I’m a pretty smart guy. My cousin Tim travels too and is likewise pretty clever. My friend James not only travels but lived for two months down in the Caribbean. Why is it that none of us thought to check the weather before heading down to […]

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