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More Maroma

Wednesday night we went out on the beach to watch the fire show.  We’ve seen it before – apparently most of the nightly shows rotate between the different El Dorado resorts.  So if you stay here more than once you’ll probably see repeats of the shows.  We enjoyed it nonetheless.     Then on Thursday […]

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We are enjoying our winter break down in Mexico at El Dorado Maroma.  The weather has been a little cooler than normal… cool enough that I’m wearing jeans in the morning.  And there’s been a little rain.  But I checked the weather back home and it said 27 degrees (that would be farenheit!) so we’re […]

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Whale sharks!

Sandy thought I was being obsessive as I read the directions given to us by the self appointed “Whale Shark Daddy” and tried to trace out the route on google maps.  He had told us to forget google… because it doesn’t work well in Mexico.  And that may be somewhat true, but the Whale Shark […]

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Oh… it’s already July 31st… and I really want to post pictures from our whale shark trip!  But we did go to Xel-Há on the 29th so I really should talk about that first. We first went to Xel-Há eight or nine years ago and had a wonderful time snorkeling around in their waters.  We’ve […]

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Aventuras en Riveria Maya

The radio crackled to life as scheduled at 5:15am Friday morning.  It was soon accompanied by the sound of groans and I turned over just in time to see Sandy’s hand slam down on the snooze.  This was how most of our vacations began when an early morning flight was involved.  Actually, the flight for […]

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