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The critters of Orange Hill

A video compilation of some of the critters we met at Orange Hill…

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My, what fine big white teeth you have…

The final two dives of our trip were the shark dives.  These two dives were at the same location. For the first dive we went down and swam out towards a wall that we followed for a little bit before heading back up to the boat. We occasionally saw sharks but tim and I spent more of our […]

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Time to relax

After completing our dives for today it was time to relax. We’re just lazing around the pool enjoying the warm weather (apologies to those of you weathering the rains back home)

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Dives 7&8

Again the seas were rough. We had plans… We had to improvise. Later we had to improvise again. Apparently, the weather is usually much better than this and it’s got everyone scratching their heads trying to figure out how to adapt.  We ended up doing two dives. Both of them were at locations we had […]

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Dives 3-6

tarted the day out feeling pretty nervous. The prior days dives had me puking my guts out over the side of the boat. We only did two dives. Today we had four scheduled. This time we were a little better prepared. The first day I didn’t take any dramamine until just before our boat left. […]

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Feeding the fish

I didn’t bring my camera-phone with me on the dive boat…. Something about having an expensive electronic device around loads of seawater didn’t seem like a good idea. So you’ll have to use your imagination… Picture tim and I excitedly boarding the boat, prepping our gear, and exploring the ocean with our first dive. Imagine […]

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Morning #1

Orange Hill doesn’t serve dinner on wednesday’s and Tim and I were hungry.  We didn’t feel like walking up the beach to one of the nearby restaurants.  And we found out that even in the Bahamas… Domino’s delivers!  So we asked the guy at the front desk how to order pizza. He pointed across the […]

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Name that tree

So Tim and I are sitting out on this porch swing like an elderly couple staring at bushes and imagining the ocean that we can’t quite see because of those bushes. We’re watching as hummingbirds hover about tasting occasionally from the bougenvilla. Tim notices this small tree and points it out to me… But he […]

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Tide pools

After checking in to our room, Tim and I went out for a nice walk along the beach. This is not somewhere you want to go barefoot. Lots of fossilized coral and broken glass made us happy to have sandles on. We found lots of little tide pools that we examined for critters. Tim (as […]

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Orange hill

We’ve made it to our hotel… We’re waiting for our room to be ready. Happily they have wifi so we can ignore the beautiful ocean and wonderful weather while we give in to our addictions. (jk… As soon as the room is ready we’re going hiking!!!!) yes… we’re geeks at heart!

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