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The critters of Orange Hill

A video compilation of some of the critters we met at Orange Hill…

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Time to relax

After completing our dives for today it was time to relax. We’re just lazing around the pool enjoying the warm weather (apologies to those of you weathering the rains back home)

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Morning #1

Orange Hill doesn’t serve dinner on wednesday’s and Tim and I were hungry.  We didn’t feel like walking up the beach to one of the nearby restaurants.  And we found out that even in the Bahamas… Domino’s delivers!  So we asked the guy at the front desk how to order pizza. He pointed across the […]

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Name that tree

So Tim and I are sitting out on this porch swing like an elderly couple staring at bushes and imagining the ocean that we can’t quite see because of those bushes. We’re watching as hummingbirds hover about tasting occasionally from the bougenvilla. Tim notices this small tree and points it out to me… But he […]

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Orange hill

We’ve made it to our hotel… We’re waiting for our room to be ready. Happily they have wifi so we can ignore the beautiful ocean and wonderful weather while we give in to our addictions. (jk… As soon as the room is ready we’re going hiking!!!!) yes… we’re geeks at heart!

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