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Springtime at the Park Dr pond

      Spring has arrived on Park Dr!  Sandy and I have noticed the trees and flowers around the neighborhood blooming and an abundance of rabbits hopping around when we take our evening walks.   And all of the hard work we’ve put into the backyard is beginning to pay off… I’ve recently added […]

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where did all this stuff come from?

Wow!  I mean WOW!   Usually when they forecast a big snowstorm, we either get rain, or the real storm misses us and instead of a blanket of snow, our streets get covered with a blanket of salt and we spend the next six months tracking salt and sand into our houses. But beginning this […]

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the value of dirt

Most of the work on the pond was done but I still had this big pile of dirt.  I had used some of my dirt building up a low area on the south side of my house.  I used a little more building the terraces by my waterfall.  And my neighbor took a little to […]

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if you build it… they will come…

I’ve done a couple of additional things with the pond lately, first off the sound we were getting from the waterfall sounded an awful lot like someone taking a leak after drinking several gallons of water.  Not exactly the sound I wanted. So I did a couple of things, first I added a stone at […]

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Getting closer…

I’m almost done for the fall.  I’ve added rocks to the plant shelf (in back), done a little more shaping of the stream towards the bottom, and been adding stones around the perimeter of the pond.  I’m still going to have some exposed liner when I’m done with the stones but I’m leaving that in […]

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It’s getting cold out there

The temperature is dropping and it’s getting harder to work around water.  I actually used my snorkeling boots the other day because I had to step in the water and it was cold cold cold!! I laid stones down in the stream.  Because of the slope of the stream, I’m unsure if the stones will […]

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Oops… I thought that since I’ve just filled the pond recently, the chemicals in the water would keep it free of those nasty mosquitos.  But when I was taking a look at the pond earlier, I saw all of their wiggly little bodies swimming about in the water.  I was going to hold off til […]

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I actually started building the wall for the waterfall a couple of weeks ago.  But I didn’t like the way it looked so I tore it all down, pulled up the liner and reshaped the earth below the waterfall and stream to open things up a little more.  I then rebuilt the waterfall and think […]

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Falling water

Woo hoo!  the silicon has dried so I got to test out the waterfall!  I checked several times and no leaks!!! Next step is building the stone wall.

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repairs & improvements

I pulled back the liner and underlayment from the stream and filled in the eroded areas with fresh dirt.  I realized that this situation could reoccur, not just from a leaking stream but also if I had a strong rain storm I could face more erosion.  I went back to home depot (god do they […]

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