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Ah… sunny mexico

When it’s fiesta time in Guadalajara, Then I long to be back once again In Old Mexico. Where we lived for today, Never giving a thought to tomara. To the strumming of guitars, In a hundred grubby bars I would whisper “Te amo.”      After a few hours cramped into a space (which if […]

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Final table

Does sandy’s pile look bigger then the others? Good luck to her! In the end, managed to beat out more than 80 other players to get second place.  

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We went out to play poker tonight In Clarendon. I didn’t last too long but sandy’s been a shark, taking out 6 players and building up quite a stack of chips.

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Biking to National Harbor

We woke up Saturday morning to an absolutely perfect day. It was a little cool out as we enjoyed breakfast out on our porch and planned our days adventure. On a previous trip to national harbor we had noticed the new Woodrow Wilson bridge had a nice wide bike path on it and I’ve wanted […]

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Hidden talents

Tim & Glyna were out of town and needed someone to swing by and feed their cats.  Sandy and I headed out that way for which the cats we very thankful. While we were there we noticed that Glyna had gotten her new piano.  Much to my surprise, Sandy sat down and started to play…

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